Learn About The Tips To Remove Carpet Beetle Larvae From Home

If you are confirmed about those multicoloured pinhead beetles moving across the carpet, then there is a need to remove them from home to avoid spreading their population. There is a need to take immediate action to get rid of carpet beetle larvae from home. The insects do not carry diseases but these are big eaters. The breeding speed of the insect is fast so you need to take immediate action to get rid of them. Otherwise it will cause several damages to the natural fibres including furniture, clothing and carpets.

One of the advantages is that you can get rid of them easily with the following of some tips. There is a need to collect all essential information about the measures available for removing and killing of carpet beetle. It is helpful in implementing the best one and avoids the breeding of the larvae on the natural fibres.

Steam cleaning

You can do steam cleaning at your home for removing of carpet beetle larvae from different parts. The heat and moisture of the steam will help you to remove remaining beetles and eggs. It is one of the essential tips to adopt for cleaning the carpet and other furniture. The steam cleaning is performed with the best machine to get the desired results in removing the carpet beetle larvae.


Another step to remove the Lava from the carpet or other natural fibre furniture is vacuuming. It is beneficial for removing the adult or larvae on the furniture and curtains. They can eat the furniture and curtains and create problem for the people. The vacuuming is essential to remove the adults’ carpet beetle to remove from the furniture and curtains along with the carpet.

Apply boric acid

The sprinkling of mild insecticide on carpets and furniture is the best idea available for killing the carpet beetle larvae and adults. It can kill the remaining beetles available on the natural fibres and avoid the eating. The results are available within 2 hours when you do not touch the natural fibres after spraying the boric acid. There is no residue available on the place after killing and removing of the beetle. It is one of the best ways available for removing of the beetle from carpet and furniture.

Using indoor insecticide

It is one of the easiest ways available for removing the carpet beetle larvae from home to protect the natural fibres used in the furniture and curtains. It is a type of spray available that you can sprinkle on the insect to kill them or get rid of them. You can also sprinkle it on the furniture or curtains to avoid eating of the natural fibres through the insects.

Laundering pillows and clothing

You can use hot water for the laundering of pillows and clothing available in the home. There is a reduction in damage to the clothes and towels after hot water laundering. They are providing instant results in protection and you can pack the clothes in the plastic bags to have durable use. It is and effective way available for getting rid of clothing from the carpet beetle larvae.

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